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We carry in stock forward, reverse, heavy duty and low stress handstamps, utility type and typeholders by Mecco and Young Brothers. Our capabilities include creation of a custom stamp from your artwork or sketch. We can help you design a stamp to mark any surface as simply or intricately as desired. We carry in stock O1, S7 and A2 tool steels but can work with most any material to help you accomplish your goal.

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Selecting the Right Stamp for Your Job
Marking of metal, plastic, wood, leather, paper, unfired ceramic or brick is possible through a stamping process. The mark can be informational as USA, Patent Pending, a part number or manufacturer information. The mark can be decorative as a hand tooled concho, simulated hand decorated metal, or a company logo.

Plastic, brass and other soft metals may be suitable materials to stamp some plastics, wood, leather, paper, unfired ceramic or brick. Most stamps are made of tool steel or carbide. The choice of stamp material is made with consideration of size, design, striking method and material to be marked.

Hand held stamps struck with a hammer are generally used when the number of parts to mark is small and appearance is not important. Hand stamps are made by many processes and to many degrees of accuracy and grades. Most single character hand stamps are made of a tough steel by a forging, coldheading or knuckling process. The sharpness and flatness is adequate for many applications and materials. The location of the character on the blank is considered of little importance. This makes it difficult to stamp a word or line of lettering with proper alignment and spacing. Some stamps are made on a better quality of steel for marking harder materials (above 42Rc). The best stamps are machine engraved. These stamps are sharper, flatter and more accurately placed on the blank making the use of fixtures possible for better alignment. Precision stamps are available for appearance items such as seals, nameplates and consumer items.

As quantity to mark increases and appearance is more important the use of type and type holder becomes an alternative to individual hand stamps. As one or more lines of type can be struck at one time this is a time saver where many parts must be marked with the same information. Again there are various grades from utility to precision. The alignment is better and the spacing is generally pleasing.

Where high production is required a custom stamp can be make with excellent alignment, spacing and flatness. The stamp can be incorporated into a die or can be a standalone second operation. With this option multiple letter styles and sizes can be incorporated in one stamp also spacing, subscripts, superscripts and logos can be accommodated.

There are many considerations when designing and using a stamp...
Material being stamped aluminum, brass, copper, leather, paper, plastic, steel , wood, unfired ceramic
Condition of material annealed, hardened, hot rolled, forged, tensile strength, plated, painted
Depth of mark rule of thumb: .03 - .04 times character height
Thickness of material being stamped Thinner metal will compress or flow away from the mark which may cause curling or cupping of the material. Prevention requires careful attention to depth of mark, letter style and geometry of the stamp.
Surface flat or contoured
Number of impressions

Marking just a few parts, hundreds or thousands

Method of stamping hammer struck, hydraulic, machine struck
Pressure available to mark hammer size, press rating
Size of area to be marked critical to determining maximum character size
Letter size generally measured from centerline of top bar of "E" to centerline of lower bar of "E"
Letter style simple block, roman, decorative, logo

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