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Joyce Engraving was founded in December 1954 by Wayne Joyce. Wayne spent several years learning the tool and diemaking trade, was self-taught in steel stamp production and took a turn with a jewelry engraving company. After learning these skills he fulfilled his life long dream of opening an engraving shop to serve the industrial plants of the southwest. He began by providing rubber mold and cavity engraving, plastic molds and industrial nameplates. Various machine dial's and control panels soon became standard in the shop as well.

After several years the company expanded by moving into brass embossing dies. This opened up the yearbook and printing industries. This expansion required new skills and an art department. Joyce Engraving was called upon to match sketches, pictures and existing printed materials when creating a die. Artists were hired for hand engraving dies for decorative covers and pattern making became standard to a days work. This need to match customer art led to the addition of a vertical camera followed by a horizontal camera and finally by a full dark room. This history and our current dark room facilities give Joyce Engraving the knowledge, skill and flexibility to produce dies from a variety of art sources.

Wayne's sons Randy and Ricky joined him full time in August 1974. The three of them brought the company through a number of changes due to improved technology. 1977 saw the first EDM machine in the building, which created dramatic change in steel stamp production. The 1980's saw computers intimately involved in both the office and the plant. The introduction of CNC engraving changed how panels, tags and nameplates were engraved. CNC engraving allowed for quicker, cost effective production of tags, nameplates and signage. In addition, it simplified engraving large projects due to the larger table size. Joyce Engraving was among the first to use computerized engraving programs for production work. Joyce Engraving continues to embrace changing trends in the engraving and machining industry. Toward that end we have added both a CO2, in 2004, and YAG, in 2005, laser engraving system.

Joyce Engraving has contributed much to the development of the engraving industry. During their 20 year membership in MDA (Marking Die Association) they were on the SMDC (Steel Marking Die Committee) while in existence. In 1979 as a member of the SMDC, Wayne led a study on the "Use and Selection of Carbide Engraving Tools." During the mid to late 70's Joyce Engraving partnered with other industry leaders to publish industry standards for steel stamps. Randy Joyce represented the company during its 20 year membership in NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). He served as Apprenticeship & Training Chairman for 15 years. This included supervision of the school sponsored by the association. Randy was involved with the school's Director in setting curriculum, hiring instructors and supervising achievement of educational goals.

Joyce Engraving was a beta tester for a major CNC provider from 1987-1994. They were invited with other industry leaders to a conference to address problems and potential improvements. Randy was called to consult with a subcontractor of NASA on their engraving department. This included a review of the department and a proposal to upgrade and improve systems and equipment. In addition, Joyce Engraving helped IMAX choose, train and set-up for drill pin production for veterinarian's trade.

Joyce Engraving is a full service engraving job shop serving industry. Our staff is ready to apply that experience and provide the highest quality service for your project. We provide an array of engraving services as detailed on our product/services page. Joyce Engraving can produce custom work from your camera ready artwork, blueprints, prototypes, samples, sketches or computer files. In addition, we represent a variety of product lines to bring a quality product at a competitive price for all of your marking needs.


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