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From the industrial panel tag that says, "STOP" to the plaque on the door of the elegant dining room in a five star restaurant. Each tag, nameplate, panel, or plaque carries two levels of information. One level is the message engraved, inscribed, cast, or otherwise displayed on the sign. The other level is subjective and is carried by the choice of material, shape, color, finish, and letter style, etc. Both levels of communication must be considered in the design and manufacture of signage.

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With industrial signage the important issue is generally communication. What is wanted is a durable low maintenance material, readable letter styles with high contrast letter and surface combinations.

If the item is consumer-oriented, style becomes more of a consideration where safety is not compromised.

In architectural graphics style becomes as much the message as the message itself. The sign style might say "I am high tech" or "I am dependable" or "I am traditional". It becomes an element of the whole architectural statement.

We understand these subtleties. We wish to assist you in meeting your signage requirements. We have experience in a wide assortment of materials from polycarbonate to stainless steel and slate. Our inventory includes various materials in many thickness and colors. We have a wide assortment of type styles plus the ability to match logos and artwork with out in hour template capability.

As you consider your signage requirements you should consider:
Letter style Will it be readable at the size?
Letter size Must it meet government requirements?
Reading distance required Will it be too big to be readable in a narrow hall or not large enough in an open lobby?
Environment Will it be inside or outside? Is corrosion assistance required?
Lighting Low light requires higher contrast signage. Low contrast signage may require adding a spot or floodlight.
Material finish glossy, matte, antiglare
Industry or government standards NEMA, ADA

Must it be no maintenance, low maintenance, or is it less important than the "look."

Vandal resistant Color choice, material choice, mounting method
Thickness and weight Will it snag clothes of passerby? Will the wall support it? Is it an appropriate thickness for the length and width?


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