Laser Engraving & Cutting

To many people “Laser” still brings visions of starships battling with death rays in the far reaches of the galaxy. In addition, the early applications of laser technology caused concern for the end user. For example in the 1970’s, the first pocket calculators had diode laser displays. People wouldn’t buy them for fear of damaging their eyes so the industry renamed them LED’s (light emitting diodes) and people bought them. A more recent application that comes to mind is the type of laser that is used for eye surgery.

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In the 1970’s, we were told lasers had no practical industrial applications. However, today we see them on construction sites, in classrooms, surgery suites, dentists offices, telephone switching stations, retail stores, office printers and a variety of industrial applications.

Joyce Engraving has now added this technology to their tool belt. We have added both a CO2 and YAG laser for engraving virtually any material and cutting a variety of materials. The CO2 laser will mark and cut it any material that will burn. If a material will not burn, the YAG laser will probably mark it. The YAG will generally cut only thin sheets of a material. The laser may change the color of the material such as turning wood brown or stainless black. The laser may not change the color of the material if it is burning paint off of metal. The laser is not the answer to all engraving questions just another option that allows us to meet and exceed your engraving requirements.


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