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We carry gas, fire, and electric branding irons. We can provide a custom brand or changeable type for marking your product.

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Wood and animal hides have been marked for thousands of years by heating metal and burning a design to leave a permanent mark. Today when the term branding is used it still conjures up many of the same images but it can also encompass marking of plastics and other manmade products that are affected by heat. If heat will affect the material then using heat in the form of a brand can probably mark it.

If you are one of those who still picture the "bent wire" style of brands you can see in old westerns or museums, you will be in for a surprise. A branding iron created today is more likely to look like a block of stainless steel or bronze with a raised image on them. In the freeze branding of today, cattle brands are often produced this way as well. If you are looking for a piece that resembles the old style iron they are still being made by blacksmiths. In many cases the old bent wire style iron may not be what you need to mark your products.

We can manufacture irons in brass, bronze or steel. Because we begin with a block of brass or bronze and then engrave the brand, we can manufacture brands with designs too intricate or too small for a bent wire brand. We can also engrave brands that would be impossible or impractical to create with bent wire due to the letter size or number of letters.

Fire brands

We can manufacture an iron that can be heated by most any heat source such as a plumber’s torch, gas flame, or charcoal grill.

Electric brands

We can manufacture brands to fit any electric branding iron and stock Wall Lenk branding tools and temperature regulators. We do have some Everhot branding items in stock. Since Everhot is no longer in business the full line is not available and supplies are limited.


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